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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and this website.

My name is Roland Millward and I have an interest in the past. History has always been a favourite subject of mine and this perhaps, to some degree, explains why I like objects from the past. I like to know the stories behind the objects, how they were made and used. Probably like me, you enjoy watching TV shows such as Antiques Roadshow and learning about the fascinating objects that people take to learn more about and have valued. For me, the price is secondary to the insight that I can learn from the experts.

I love to see the craft work and skill that goes into making such things as furniture, jewellery, clocks and watches and the work of sculptors and artists. In this website, I aim to write about and show photographs and videos of some of the wonderful objects that are so interesting.

If you are a collector or dealer and would like to share your experience please do get in touch. It would be good to collaborate and in return provide links to your website and let people find out more about you and your business. This can take the form of articles with photographs about items that you collect or sell. It can include advice on collecting and buying as well as the history of items etc. I am open to ideas!

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Please email: rm_antiques@icloud.com