Corgi Musical Ice Cream Van

I thought I would start with one of my favourite childhood toys, Corgi cars, and this instance the Musical Ice Cream Van. This is one that I have owned from new all those years ago!

In 1965 a Thames Wall's Ice Cream Van (Model 447) was introduced. My model 474 was brought out a year later, 1966 and included the musical chimes, sounding "buy Walls Ice Cream". This model did not include the plastic figures of an ice cream vendor and small boy, which the first edition 447 had supplied with it.

The vehicle is based on the Thames 5 cwt van, a commercial version of the Ford Anglia, and the bodywork featured a pointed roof design and a sliding window from which in real life ice cream was served. The model also came with a sheet of stickers which could be applied to the van.

A model in mint condition with the original box (beware of modern reproduction boxes) can sell for over £300.

Hear the chimes in action!

Have a look around the ice cream van in this video and hear the chimes in action. They still work after all these years.

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