Gillows Furniture Makers

Some of the finest English furniture ever made was produced by Gillows, who later became Waring & Gillow, a company I worked for a while back in the 1980’s.

Gillows of Lancaster and London was founded around 1730 by Robert Gillow (1704-1722) it was also known as Gillow & Co. The family owned the business until 1814 when it was taken over by Redmayne, Whiteside and Ferguson, however they retained the use of the name Gillows as it was synonymous with quality furniture. In 1903 Gillows merged with Warings of Liverpool and thus became Waring & Gillow which later became Maples, Waring & Gillow in 1980.

Gillows made use of a lot of mahogany wood and owned a one twelfth share in a ship, Briget with was partially used to import some of the timber from the West Indies. Robert Gillow’s son, Richard (1733-1811) entered into an equal partnership on January 1st 1757.

If you can find an original piece of Gillows furniture you will be able to marvel at the quality.