The First Post

Welcome readers, to my first post for my new online project!

For many years I have been interested in Antiques, Collectables and Vintage items and now intend to create this website to share my interest in this fascinating world of the past explored through items that can be found today.

Every item found in the antique and junk shops of the world has a story to tell and I would like to help to tell some of those stories.

  • Why and how were things made?
  • Who made and invented them?
  • How were they used?
  • What value do they have today?

These are just some of the questions that we can answer and enjoy finding out and learning more about some of the wonderful things we can see from the past.

There is a huge interest in this subject and the popularity is expressed in the number of viewers watching TV programs such as, Antiques Roadshow, Flog It & Bargain Hunt to name but a few currently on our screens here in the UK and indeed syndicated around the world.

I would love to hear from my readers so please do feel free to leave a comment.