What Should I Collect?

"What should I collect?"

This is an interesting question and the answer will depend on what is the reason for the question. I am answering this from the viewpoint I have about collecting and perhaps others will have a different view. You are always welcome to leave a comment on this post in the box at the bottom of the page.

If you don't collect anything now and just fancy starting a hobby then my answer is probably nothing! Collectors, either have a passion for what they collect, which is the best reason of all, or they are collecting for investment. The latter can be quite cold and the investor has little interest in the items. They might never or rarely see their collection as the rich will often use advisers and managers to buy and sell their collected items. If you don't know what to collect just for fun and have no passion for the things you would collect then don't waste your time, go and enjoy other hobbies.

If you are asking the question because you are an avid collector and need to focus on space available for storage and display then you might have a good reason to ask this question. Collections can get very large and space is usually limited, so if a collector's own knowledge isn't good enough to know what is best to have in their collection the answer to the question is important. This can help them to learn more about the subject and be more selective to give them an interesting and rewarding collection.

Warning! There is a danger for some collectors as they can become hoarders, which is regarded as an illness which can be both disruptive and destructive to someone's life.

Making your collection interesting

One of the joys of collecting is that of being able to share your passion with others and show them the items you have collected. Some of the things to consider as to what your collection consists of will be dependent on what you collect but here are some ideas.

  • The history or story behind each item.
  • Previous owners and their story.
  • How it's made.
  • Who made it.
  • How items have changed over the years.
  • How they were used.
  • Variations of style or colour.

What is interesting to one person of course, might not be to another, so as a collector it's your interests that are most important. Of course, for those collecting for financial gain will have to take into account what the market wants at the time they wish to sell.

It never fails to amaze me the amount of things that are collected by people all over the world.

What's the most unusual items that you have found people collecting?
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